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Algebra (for papers 1, 2 and 3): AQA GCSE Maths Higher (Collins Snap Revision)

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Author: Collins GCSE
Author(s): Collins GCSE
ISBN-13: 9780008218072
ISBN-10: 0008218072
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication Date: 02-Nov-16
Format: Paperback
Pages: 48

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Algebra (for papers 1, 2 and 3): AQA GCSE Maths Higher

Exam Board: AQA

Level & Subject: GCSE Maths

First teaching: September 2015 First exams: June 2017

Revise tricky topics in a snap

Collins Snap Revision helps you focus on the areas of your revision that you find tricky or need extra practice in. Spaced practice opportunities allow you to test, revisit and review your understanding throughout your revision, a method proven to improve your performance in the exam.

  • Focussed revision in tricky areas of the exam.
  • Targeted practice in specific areas where more support may be needed.
  • Ideal to use at home.

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