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AQA A-level Economics Student Guide 4: The national and international economy

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Author: Ray Powell
Author(s): Ray Powell, James Powell
ISBN-13: 9781471857706
ISBN-10: 1471857700
Publisher: Hodder Education
Publication Date: 28-Oct-16
Format: Paperback
Pages: 112

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Reinforce students’ understanding throughout the course. Clear topic summaries with sample questions and answers will help to improve exam technique to achieve higher grades. Written by experienced teachers Ray Powell and James Powell, this Student Guide will help you to: – Identify key content with a concise summary of topics examined in the 2015 AQA A-level Economics specification – Measure understanding with exam tips and knowledge-check questions, with answers at the end of the guide – Develop independent learning skills with content that can be used for further study and research – Improve exam technique with sample graded answers to exam-style questions

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