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AQA A Level Further Mathematics Core Year 2

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Author: Ben Sparks
Author(s): Ben Sparks, Claire Baldwin, Jean-Paul Muscat, John Du Feu
ISBN-13: 9781471883323
ISBN-10: 1471883329
Publisher: Hodder Education
Publication Date: 23-Feb-18
Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
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Develop your students’ knowledge, skills and understanding so that they can reason and apply mathematical techniques in solving problems; with resources developed specifically for the AQA specification by subject specialists and MEI (Mathematics in Education and Industry). – Ensure targeted development of reasoning and problem-solving skills with practice questions and differentiated exercises that build mathematical techniques. – Help build connections between topics with points of interest and things to notice such as links to real world examples and noticing patterns in the mathematics. – Develop understanding, address misconceptions and progress skills further with a variety of worked examples and solutions, practice questions and activities. – Enhance individual understanding with discussion points designed for the classroom. – Consolidate understanding with end of chapter summaries of the key points. – Reinforce Year 1 content with short review chapters.

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