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AQA A Level Maths: Year 1 + Year 2 Statistics Teacher Book

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Author: David Baker
Author(s): David Baker
ISBN-13: 9780198413103
ISBN-10: 0198413106
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: Sep-17
Format: Paperback
Pages: 96

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With statistics becoming compulsory in the new (2017) Maths A Level, this book is the essential course companion for any teacher who has less experience of teaching statistics, or any teacher looking for additional practice. Designed to work alongside the Oxford AS and A Level Student Books, it offers full guidance on AQA’s ‘Large dataset’ (a new component of the spec) and provides a valuable introduction and insights into all the statistical content in the spec. For each topic, the common pitfalls and misconceptions that students make are identified, and additional practice is provided. Structured practice questions and model answers are suggested for the less confident students; while stretch questions, model answers and a special ‘investigation’ are provided for the more confident students.

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