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AQA GCSE Life and Environmental Sciences for Combined Science: Synergy 9-1 Student Book (GCSE Science 9-1)

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Author: Gina Walker
Author(s): Gina Walker, Katy Bloom, Shaista Shirazi, Ed Walsh
ISBN-13: 9780008174958
ISBN-10: 0008174954
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication Date: 01-Nov-16
Format: Paperback
Pages: 340
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AQA GCSE Life and Environmental Sciences for Combined Science: Synergy 9-1 Student Book

Exam Board: AQA

Level & Subject: GCSE Combined Science: Synergy

First teaching: September 2016 First exams: June 2018

AQA approved

This book covers Unit 1 of the new 2016 GCSE Combined Science: Synergy course. The grouping of content follows that of the specification. Topic openers set the scene by providing a short overview of the links between the different chapters in a Topic. Linking questions between spreads and from chapter to chapter also helps to explain the narrative thread that links a Synergy topic together. Working Scientifically objectives linked to the AQA Combined Science: Synergy specification are identified, and questions addressing Working Scientifically skills embedded throughout.

* Each spread is divided into three sections – starting with language, ideas and questions that are accessible to all and increasing in complexity to develop and practise ideas further.

* Key concept spreads highlight core ideas that students must grasp before they can move on, and which will develop their understanding of the whole topic.

* A dedicated spread for every required practical helps students analyse the practical, reflect on the science skills and knowledge they have developed and apply these skills to different contexts.

* Maths skills spreads focus on the maths requirements of the AQA Combined Science specification, explaining concepts and providing opportunities to practise and apply maths in a relevant scientific context.

* Throughout the book the questions become increasingly synoptic, helping students to draw together ideas from any part of Unit 1 in preparation for the terminal exams.

* Higher-only content is clearly flagged so students can move seamlessly between tiers depending on their performance during the course.

* End of chapter questions allow students to check that they have understood the ideas in the chapter and can apply these to new contexts. The questions are levelled in four sections of increasing demand. Questions on Higher-only content are also clearly flagged.

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