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AQA Psychology for A Level & AS – Your Guide to Exam Success!

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Author: Cara Flanagan
Author(s): Cara Flanagan
ISBN-13: 9781913963071
ISBN-10: 1913963071
Publisher: Illuminate Publishing
Publication Date: 26-Mar-21
Format: Paperback
Pages: 128
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This book will help you demonstrate what you know, understand and can do, to help your teachers assess your grade in place of exams this summer. // Written by Cara Flanagan, the UK’s most trusted author for A Level Psychology. // Put this advice into practice and it will help you get the grade you deserve. // Whether you are aiming for an A* or a C this guide is a friend to keep with you from the start of your course to the end of Year 2. // Use this Guide regardless of your choice of student book. // A message from the author: In my life I have been a student, teacher, mother, examiner, speaker and author. All of these have given me ample opportunity to reflect on what to do in exams – I have taken them (with reasonable success), I have taught all sorts of subjects (maths, computer science, psychology) and helped students to exam success, I have guided my own children through them, I have marked thousands of A level papers and also been involved in writing exam papers, I have spoken at student conferences about how to achieve exam success, and I have written many book chapters and magazine articles on exams. In this book I am going to tell you everything I have learned. Cara Flanagan.

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