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ClearRevise AQA GCSE Chemistry 8462/8464: 2021

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ISBN-13: 9781910523322
ISBN-10: 1910523321
Publisher: PG Online Limited
Publication Date: 30-Jun-21
Format: Paperback
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Absolute clarity is the aim with a new generation of GCSE Science revision guides. This clear study guide has been expertly compiled and edited by successful former teachers of Chemistry, highly experienced examiners and a good dollop of scientific research into what makes revision most effective and more accessible. Past examination questions are essential to good preparation, improving understanding and confidence. This guide has combined revision with tips and more practice questions than you could shake a stick at. All the essential ingredients for getting a grade you can be really proud of. Each specification topic has been referenced and distilled into the key points to make in an examination for top marks. Questions on all topics assessing knowledge, application and analysis are all specifically and carefully devised throughout this book.

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