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Psychology A Level Year 1 and AS: Revision Guide for AQA: With all you need to know for your 2021 assessments

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Author: Mike Cardwell
Author(s): Mike Cardwell; Rachel Moody
ISBN-13: 9780198444893
ISBN-10: 0198444893
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 14-Feb-19
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
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Matched to our bestselling and trusted The Complete Companions Student Books, and AQA’s AS and A Level examination requirements this Revision Guide has been written and reviewed by examiners, providing you with clear, focussed coverage of everything you need to know so you can approach your exams confident of success. Recap key AO1 knowledge and AO3 discussion/evaluation points with just the right amount of information for each topic to consolidate your knowledge and understanding. Apply what you know with targeted revision activities that rehearse key examination skills and guide you through answering every question type you might face. Review and track revision with suggested consolidation activities to embed your learning. Perfect for use alongside the Student Book or as a stand-alone resource for independent revision, this colourful Revision Guide helps you Recap, Apply, Review and ultimately Succeed at AS or A Level Psychology. Other titles include: The Complete Companions: A Level Year 2 Psychology Revision Guide for AQA The Complete Companions: A Level Year 1/AS Psychology Student Book The Complete Companions: A Level Year 2 Psychology Student Book The Complete Companions: Paper 1 Exam Workbook for AQA The Complete Companions: Paper 2 Exam Workbook for AQA Workbooks to support A Level Paper 3 optional topics also available.

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