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Tackling A Level Projects in Computer Science AQA 7517

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ISBN-13: 9781910523209
ISBN-10: 1910523208
Publisher: PG Online Limited
Publication Date: 30-Jan-20
Format: Paperback
Pages: 96
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Completing an A Level Computer Science project is a huge undertaking for any student regardless of their competence in programming. The key to success is to plan and write a strong report, evidencing what has been carried out. Tackling A Level projects in Computer Science for AQA 7517 is the essential student guide for completing the project and, in particular, the report, with confidence and independence. It contains clear and concise instruction and examples of what needs to be included. From how to generate initial ideas and choose end users, to how to evidence your final product; this book covers it all. This guide does not specifically teach programming and is therefore suitable for use with any language or project idea being undertaken. With important tips and advice based on the author’s intimate experience with Computer Science projects, this will help to keep a project’s progress on track. Finally, a guide that can help students to submit their final project with confidence before the deadline.

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