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The Crucible Play Guide for AQA GCSE Drama

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Author: Annie Fox
Author(s): Annie Fox
ISBN-13: 9781911208716
ISBN-10: 1911208713
Publisher: Illuminate Publishing
Publication Date: 08-Feb-19
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
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The Play Guide provides structured support for the three Sections that are all part of Component 1: Understanding Drama in the AQA GCSE Drama specification: / Section A Theatre Roles and Responsibilities. / Section B Study of a Set Play / Section C Understanding Drama – Live Theatre Production. / Fully supports the written examination and helps students develop their key knowledge and understanding of the set plays. / Knowledge and understanding are developed alongside the key drama skills through a range of practical ideas and activities, tasks and exercises. / Includes a dedicated section on how to improve exam and writing skills with a number of practice exam-style questions.

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