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AQA English Language PRACTICE TESTS: York Notes for GCSE (9-1): – the best way to practise and feel ready for 2022 and 2023 assessments and exams

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Author: Susannah White
Author(s): Susannah White
ISBN-13: 9781292186337
ISBN-10: 129218633X
Publisher: Pearson Education Limited
Publication Date: 03-Feb-17
Format: Paperback
Pages: 96
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Feel confident, ready and fully prepared for the 2021 assessments and 2022 exams. Feel confident, prepared and totally ready for any test, exam or assessment. Beat your nerves by getting familiar with test and assessment-style questions. Two full English Language sample tests for you to work through so you can eliminate your worries and feel ready to impress. Maximise your full potential and aim for the best possible assessment grade by comparing your work against the sample answers provided. York Notes are the long-established experts in English, and we take your success seriously. So if you’re studying AQA English Language for GCSE and are looking for some essential test practice before you’re fully assessed, you can trust this book to get you up to speed. Proper practice is crucial if you want to perform at your best in formal tests, exams or assessments, and here you can work through every question type to maximise your chances of success. Use this book to test all your skills and knowledge, to target your revision, and to make sure you are as ready, prepared and confident as possible when it comes to assessment time. Why not use these GCSE Practice Tests with a York Notes English Language & Literature Revision and Exam Practice guide and Workbook for the most complete study, practice and revision solution? Just search for 9781292169781 for the Revision and Exam Practice guide, and 9781292186207 for the Workbook.

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