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AS/A1 Revise PE for AQA Teacher Resource Single User

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Author: Dr. Dennis Roscoe
Author(s): Dr. Dennis Roscoe, Jan Roscoe
ISBN-13: 9781901424867
ISBN-10: 1901424863
Publisher: Jan Roscoe Publications Ltd
Publication Date: 31-May-16
Format: CD
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This CD-ROM is a teacher revision resource that contains the whole of the student text (including the questions and answers) to “AS/A1 Revise PE for AQA” (ISBN 9781901424850) as indexed PDFs. Covers all aspects of the examinable AS or Year 1 A level 2016 AQA PE syllabus. Enabling a comprehensive classroom teacher support resource that reviews and prepares students for the AS examination. The single user licence is for one use of the product at any given time.

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