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GCSE Maths AQA Higher Reasoning and Problem Solving Skills Book (Collins GCSE Maths)

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Author: Sandra Wharton
Author(s): Sandra Wharton
ISBN-13: 9780008113858
ISBN-10: 0008113858
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication Date: 28-Apr-15
Format: Paperback
Pages: 100

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GCSE Maths AQA Higher Reasoning and Problem Solving Skills Book

Focused on the new assessment objectives AO2 and AO3, Skills Book: Reason, interpret and communicate mathematically and solve problems is full of expertly written practice questions to help students succeed in mathematical reasoning and problem-solving.

  • Structured by strand, it is ideal to be used alongside the Practice Book or Student Book
  • New, bespoke questions to focus on two of the main aims of the new curriculum (AO2, reason mathematically, and AO3, solve problems)
  • Longer questions can be tried in class to generate discussions
  • Tackle problems within and outside mathematics to improve literacy, thinking skills and investigative strategies
  • New questions requiring students to think and analyse their work encourages independence
  • Full mark schemes are provided online

This product can be used in conjunction with the following resources to provide full coverage of the GCSE Maths AQA Higher Course:

The GCSE Maths Higher Student Book (ISBN 9780007597345).

The GCSE Maths AQA Higher Teacher Pack (ISBN 9780008113919).

The GCSE Maths AQA Higher Practice Book (ISBN 9780008113834).


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