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Oxford AQA GCSE History (9-1): Britain: Migration, Empires and the People c790-Present Day Revision Guide: With all you need to know for your 2021 assessments

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Author: Aaron Wilkes
Author(s): Aaron Wilkes; Lindsay Bruce
ISBN-13: 9781382015035
ISBN-10: 1382015038
Edition: 1
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 21-Jan-21
Format: Paperback
Pages: 72
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This Britain: Migration, Empires and the People c790-Present Day Revision Guide is part of the popular Oxford AQA GCSE 9-1 History series. Written by our original author team to match the new AQA 9-1 GCSE specification, this guide covers exactly what your students require to succeed in the Paper 2 Migration Thematic Study exams. – Recap key events with clear visual diagrams and brief points – Apply knowledge with targeted revision activities that tests basic comprehension, then apply understanding towards exam-style questions – Review and track revision with progress checklists, suggested activity answers and Exam Practice sections – Step-by-step exam guidance based on the popular ‘How to…’ student book feature – Examiner Tip features most up-to-date expert advice and identifies common exam mistakes – Boost student confidence on all AQA GCSE Migration question types with revision activities such Source analysis and Significance Perfect for use alongside the Student Book or as a stand-alone resource for independent revision. This revision guide helps your students Recap, Apply, and Review their way towards exam success.

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