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Oxford AQA History for GCSE: British Depth Studies c1066-1685 (Norman, Medieval, Elizabethan and Restoration England)

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Author: J. A. Cloake
Author(s): J. A. Cloake, Aaron Wilkes, Tim Williams, Lorraine Waterson
ISBN-13: 9780198370123
ISBN-10: 0198370121
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 12-May-16
Format: Paperback
Pages: 288

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Please note this title is suitable for any student studying: Exam Board: AQA Level: GCSE Subject: History First teaching: September 2016 First exams: June 2018 This Student Book has been approved by AQA. British Depth Studies c1066-1085 (Norman, Medieval, Elizabethan and Restoration England) is part of a brand new series written specially to match the new 2016 AQA GCSE History specification, and is developed by an expert team led by an experienced head of history and an author with senior examining experience. This combined British Depth Studies Book focuses in depth on the economic, religious, political, social and cultural standpoints of each period, and covers the historical environments of each British Depth study. Carefully selected Interpretations allow students the opportunity to analyse and evaluate interpretations in context. Practice Questions and Study Tips help students prepare for the new AQA exam questions, and features such as Extension, Over to You and How to provide step-by-step explanations of how to put into practice essential history skills such as analysing an interpretation, cartoon or essay writing. This single textbook covers all the British Depth Study options: – Norman England, c1066-c1100 – Medieval England: the reign of Edward I, 1272-1307 – Elizabethan England, c1568-1603 – Restoration England, 1660-1685

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