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Chemistry By Example: GCSE Chemistry Notes – Revision Guide Grades 9 to 1:Teacher hints and tips for current AQA chemistry exams. Over 250 worked examples, fully worked solutions, covering all aspects of AQA course


Author: Tim Prichard
Author(s): Tim Prichard
ISBN-13: 9781839522611
ISBN-10: 1839522615
Publisher: Brown Dog Books
Publication Date: 01-Mar-21
Format: Paperback
Pages: 168
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Chemistry by Example is the second book in a GCSE revision guide series. Along with Physics by Example it is a proven successful way of consolidating and reaffirming scientific facts and concepts for students who are studying GCSE Chemistry. My books are aimed at the AQA courses in particular, but the areas covered cover all other exam boards as well. My guides are unique in that they are based upon using example questions of which each book has over 200 questions, and they are broken down into specific topic areas. Students will find around 10 example questions for every topic, with the questions being varied in style. Importantly the answers are included and broken down, step by step so they can be easily followed and understood. At the end of each chapter there is a self-testing section with space provided for workings and then followed by the answers.

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