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Macbeth AQA English Literature

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Author: Alison Powell
Author(s): Alison Powell
ISBN-13: 9781407183534
ISBN-10: 1407183532
Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Date: 02-Jul-20
Format: Cards
Pages: 60


Board: AQA Examination: English Language & Literature Specification: GCSE 9-1 Set Text covered: Macbeth by William Shakespeare Type: Revision Cards New GCSE Grades 9-1 Revision Cards with free revision app, perfect to support your revision for the closed book AQA GCSE English Literature exam. Perfect for last-minute revision; Clear information with at-a-glance chronology of the text A tight focus on key events, characters, themes, context, language and structure. With lots of quiz cards to help you demonstrate your knowledge and understanding you can’t go wrong. These cards can be used alongside our best-selling Study Guides with matching colour coded sections or they can be used independently as a stand-alone revision resource. Snap it! Read it, snap it on your phone, revise it…helps you retain key facts The accompanying free app uses cutting-edge technology to help you revise on-the-go to: Use the free, personalised digital revision planner and get stuck into the quick tests to check your understanding Download our free revision cards which you can save to your phone to help you revise on the go Implement ‘active’ revision techniques – giving you lots of tips and tricks to help the knowledge sink in

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